IMG_4542IMG_4867Summer is really freaking hot. And by no means am I saying I don’t like it. In fact, after growing up in Florida and now living in Virginia — I LOVE SUMMER. When the first day of summer rolls around I’m that girl tweeting “HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!”

End of August and early September starts to mark the end of the summer for the north, however, Florida and other places blaze with heat through many of the “fall” months. I wanted to share a post with you on how to stay cool during the summer, the Ayurvedic way.

How to beat the “pitta” aka firey heat outta summer

  1. Stay Hydrated!!! 
    • We lose SO MUCH water during summer. See post on water here.
    • Drink ROOM TEMPERATURE WATER. No ice. Why? Think of your digestion and metabolism as a fire. If you put cold water and ice in there you burn that fire out, therefore slowing down those digestive juices and adding to the fat in the body.
    • Add yummy cooling infusions to your water such as mint, watermelon or cucumber.
  2. Invest in a Diffuser
    • The one I use is ZAQ JellyFish (you can buy it here), shout out to Gia for this housewarming gift.
    • Then invest in an organic and safe essential oils company, I trust my oils to PureSpiritPotions – Let me know if you are interested in any of their products I know Jill as a friend! (Also, this wasn’t sponsored…!)
    • Then diffuse cooling essential oils singles or blends: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender… Pinterest actually has some great ideas for blends.
  3. Coconut Oil is for LITERALLY, everything. 
    • Lather that oily goodness all over your body all. the. time.
    • Our hair tends to get extra brittle because of the heat, and sun exposure so massage in your hair and either a, sleep over night wake up and wash your hair for a deep treatment or b, put it on your hair for 10-20 minutes before you shower and wrap a damp and hot towel around it to allow the oil to saturate the hair.
    • It’s a great makeup remover, lip balm, moisturizer, natural sun protectant (although very minimal), etc etc etc…
    • Use it for cooking! It’s amazing and one of the best oils to use with high heat cooking.
  4. Meditate, Relax, close your eyes
    • It’s so important to do stuff that cools us and allows the cells in our body to chill. Savasana (shah-VAH-sah-nah) aka Corpse pose is one of the best ones. I literally do yoga sometimes just for the Savasana. Also, there is a shirt that says that somewhere and if someone finds it please let me know because I’ve coveted it for a while 😉 lol thanks! All you have to do is literally lay there. I mean, in yoga we teach form on how to lay there with your palms up and your feet out at a certain distance etc, but you can do whatever feels most comfortable with you.
  5. Don’t Overexercise!
    • Especially during, summer. I used to be an overexerciser (yeah I made up a word). But it’s important to take it easy during summer.
  6. Eat Foods that cool you (ANTI-INFLAMMATORY) 
    • LifeSpa has an amazing grocery list here.


So that’s it. Hope that helps you stay cool!

Here’s to a healthy and happy you.


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