Plastic is an incredible material. It’s used for surgeries, as prosthetics, and technology–however, when it comes to eating and drinking it should stay far away. In our house, we are making the transition from plastic (especially all of Sofia’s sippy cups) to either glass or food grade stainless steel.

Decades ago, all baby bottles were glass. The only trouble was that glass was heavy and breakable. Today, they offer a mix of the two, glass for where the drink will be and a plastic casing to prevent breakage. Check a few of my recommendations out here and for baby bottles here.

According to an article from the Mayo Clinic:

“recent reports  that a type of plastic found in baby bottles might cause potentially harmful changes in developing babies”

The article suggests that bacteria can also build up in plastic bottles and it’s not safe to store breast milk or formula in them. Keep in mind that this doesn’t just have to do with babies, this has to do with everyone.

Glass is better. Where plastics have caused cell mutation, glass has not. Unlike glass, when plastics age bacteria builds up. Plastics toxify your food or water with harmful chemicals in (think food storage containers!) while glass does not.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics put it simply, “GO WITH GLASS.”

Here’s my top 5 reasons for switching to glass:

  1. It’s the safest and healthiest option available
  2. One word: SUSTAINABLE
  3. It’s actually more economical because it lasts longer than plastic
  4. You can bake with glass, store and reheat without having to worry about harmful chemicals and throw it in the dishwasher (#winning)
  5. Glass Cleans better, unlike plastic which always has some form of residue


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Here’s to a healthy and happy you!


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