Happy first day of fall! This is my all time favorite season in Virginia. Growing up in Florida, I never really got to experience “sweater season” in fact, the go-to Florida “it’s-chilly-out-outfit” is a sweatshirt and flip flops. So, it might still be almost 90 degrees out today (global warming…) but autumn is here and you know what that means? PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Hopefully the weather begins to cool down soon…

To celebrate the first day of fall I made these yummy pumpkin muffins – yes, they are from a BOX! Everyone can use a helping hand every now and then. I am all for making things from scratch but Simple Mills is a great company that uses quality ingredients. I care way less about calories and way more about INGREDIENTS. I added chocolate chips and shredded coconut to these.

They do not contain any preservatives so make sure to store extra in the fridge! For those of you who asked, I shared the coconut oil non-stick spray I use above. I found this brand of simple mills muffins at Homegoods at a much cheaper price than they are typically so I encourage to check out your local TJ maxx/homegoods for some good deals on quality products. Otherwise, I order in bulk from Amazon because both Sofia and Kiril love them!

Happy eating and happy fall!

Here’s to a healthy and happy you, xo.

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