Eggs are one of the best proteins you can eat to fuel your body. According to an article titled, “The Truth about your Eggs”

The six grams of protein in each egg has the highest biological value—a measure of how well it supports your body’s protein needs—of any food, including beef.’ (Check out the article here.)

Eggs are superfoods! They are high in B12 vitamins, which helps improve mood swings, attention issues and more. BUT- there is a HUUUUUGE BUT– where you get your eggs/the eggs you purchase make a huge difference.

First of all, in the mass production world, chickens are typically stuck in cages, given antibiotics on the regular for the diseases they get for being stuck in those cages or crappy living situations because all the chickens can’t move and are pooping everywhere. Those eggs have been found to have high traces of ARSENIC (because it promotes the size of the chickens) and ANTIBIOTICS. Not to mention they usually cut the beaks off these chickens early on so they don’t hurt each other 🙁

A 2010 study published in the journal Veterinary Record found that the eggs from hens confined to cages, as they often are in factory farms, had 7.77-times greater odds of harboring salmonella bacteria than eggs from non-caged hens. (The Truth About Your Eggs)


Now and days, marketing strategies try to trick you into thinking you are getting your eggs from a fresh farm down the road with UN-REGULATED words such as “Cage-Free” or “NATURAL”.

What does Cage-Free mean?

While it technically is true that cage-free eggs are better for you because they aren’t kept in super small cages, these animals are not free from being fed food with arsenic and antibiotics or treated humanely. 🙁 There is no independent third party that certifies or checks if they are actually cage-free so it can just be a marketing scam.

What does Free-Range or Free Roaming mean?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that they are required to be outside or treated humanely (ie no debeaking etc…) and similar to cage-free there is no third party certifying the eggs as free-range or free-roaming…


Most things that say Natural without the word “organic” means that they are marketing scammers and don’t trust them for ONE second. Natural is unregulated by the FDA and it means absolutely nothing. In the eggs case, it means yes you are getting an “egg.” But I call BS on all of these labels and I’m mad at companies that use these mechanisms to treat people who are trying to make the best decisions for them and for their families!!!


Organic food is REGULATED and held up to high standards. Typically you will find that organic eggs often have a third party stamp of approval as well as the USDA ceritification. Egg producers are subject to annual audits that must prove themselves as organic and then must pay a fee every year (Seems a little backwards, right?…why aren’t the companies producing poisonous eggs being regulated and required to pay a fee every year?)

The eggs I buy are Organic, cage-free, free-range/roaming. They are between $5-$6 compared to conventional eggs which are around $3.00. They taste better, they are healthier for you and they even come with a little newsletter. If you are buying eggs I encourage you to at the very least, purchase ORGANIC EGGS! Even better, go to your local farmers market and ask them if they are selling organic eggs. It helps to talk to the farmer, who knows the chickens by name!

I hope this blog post opened your eyes a little bit to which eggs are better for you.

Here’s to a healthy and happy you! xo

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