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My post “Sick? My 3 steps to feeling better” gained positive attention online so I decided to follow up with some more homeopathic remedies that have helped me the very moment I feel I could be getting sick. These have either a) reduced my duration of colds (mine used to drag on for days/weeks, now last 1-2 days!) or b) prevented the cold from actually coming (woohoo) [Bonus: I have not gone to the doctor for a common cold/sinus/sniffles/virus in over 2 years!]

Many joke about the quality of OTC Homeopathic medicine- is it the placebo effect? In my opinion, I choose not to use antibiotics unless I REALLY REALLY REALLY have to. I’d prefer the placebo effect to antibiotics any day– especially if it works. Further, I believe homeopathic medicine actually does work. Historically, my immune system was never that powerful…I would get sick constantly, lose my voice, take antibiotics, wait it out, etc…

Everything changed when I started reducing toxins from my body and treating myself at home, homeopathically. I use the netipot, apple cider vinegar, pink salt, honey, cinnamon, raw garlic (natural antibiotic) and the products listed below. I also try extra hard to stay away from Sugar!

Homeopathic Medicines I like:

  1. UMCKA Soothing Hot Drink Mix is my GO-TO. There really is something about fighting a “cold” with heat! Take hot baths, drink lots of hot organic tea, and then drink this about 2-3 times a day until you feel better. I purchase this from Wholefoods but I am sure you can find online. They also have a liquid dropper medicine (doesn’t taste great, just an FYI!) that works well but I prefer this hot drink.
    •  I found them online at Amazon, here.
  2. OXYBUMP: I found this at Target a while ago and knew I had to try it. This in combo with the netipot, clears out my airways and lets me breathe again. It’s awesome!
    • You can purchase it at WALMART! wow who knew? click here.
  3. Essential Oils: You all know I love EO’s but… I tend to be overly careful with them. They are extremely potent and in ancient times used for mostly medicinal purposes. I diffuse Eucalyptus when I am sick because it helps clear my lungs, throat and nose of any gross stuff blocking the airways. You can also buy FRESH eucalyptus and tie it to your shower head when you take a hot, steamy shower- it will clear out your airways so quickly and naturally (WIN WIN!)
    • There are SO many places you can get essential oils, but be careful – find a company you trust and you know puts what they say in their oils. Many companies dilute or mix without your knowledge or even put harmful additives in them. GROSS. I buy mine from PurespiritPotions and YoungLiving(they sell through distributors, so if you don’t know someone I can put you in contact with several of my friends who are YL distributors! I don’t sell it) and occasionally Wholefoods.
  4. Vitamins: I don’t talk too much about vitamins or brands but I personally take Juiceplus vitamins which are micronutrients from fruits and vegetables dehydrated so you can get several of them in a couple of capsules. If I feel sick I double up on them, add Vitamin C and double on Vitamin D!

I hope you find value in this!

Here’s to a healthy and happy (non-sniffly!) you! xoxo

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