Blessings and lessons.


Everyone says the second pregnancy can be totally different than your first. Mine has been an emotional roller coaster of a ride! My first pregnancy with Sofia was so physically extreme with morning sickness around the clock until 31+ weeks.

Of course, I imagined the gender would be different since my morning sickness went away as I entered into the second trimester. We were so happy and surprised to hear we are having another girl! This baby is chill and relaxed most of the time, but definitely kicks up a storm (soccer player??)!

I know I am very blessed. I work on staying in a gratitude vibration — simply being grateful for experiences as they unfold, trusting in them, and being thankful for the lessons. My journey with yoga and spirituality has given me a strong foundation to walk on.

This baby saved me. Without her, I would not have tested abnormal for my thyroid levels. I have hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid). This is genetic. Luckily, I have been able to keep the symptoms down by leading an anti inflammatory lifestyle (as witnessed by this blog!)…however, this can cause many issues if left untreated. I was sent to an endocrinologist to test further and be treated. Unfortunately, he found a “nodule” or mass on my thyroid and I was sent for a biopsy.

A pathologist used an ultrasound to guide a needle into the nodule and extract cells to look closer at under a microscope. We were hoping to be in the 90% of cases where these are benign, however, mine ended up being malignant. I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer.

This is, luckily, a slow growing and mostly isolated cancer. Fortunately, after another ultrasound assessing lymph nodes in my neck, the cancer has not spread. This means that I can wait till after I have baby girl #2 and then schedule a surgery for a full thyroidectomy.

There is a lot of darkness surrounding the word “Cancer.” It’s never an easy or non-scary diagnosis no matter the kind. My goal is to take away the stigma and discuss the disease for what it is. Dis-Ease in my body. The word healthy is derived from HEAL – THY(thyself). Cancer, unfortunately, is a multi billion (or trillion?) dollar industry. Follow the paper trail and you will see it’s an entwined web of big pharma and corporations — yuck. I do believe there are good companies and people out there fighting for the greater good, so I don’t want to discount their efforts at all. I just like to bring awareness to an issue that means a lot to me.

I wanted to start blogging about this because as I researched there is little to nothing on women in pregnancy battling disease and it’s an isolating place to be. I want to take the fear away of talking about health and illness especially during a time you are trying to be the most fertile womb and safest space for your little one.

I plan to discuss ways I am healing myself holistically — things I have control over in the here and now.

If you have been through a similar experience or know someone who has had PTC I would love to connect. I am still in the process of researching and always wanting to learn more.

If you have taken the time to read this, thank you! It means a lot to me and I hope you know that a scary diagnosis does not mean the end at all or that you are left helpless to care for yourself. My main lesson has been to listen to my body and to slow down. Let go of the things that do not serve me and try to stay in a relaxed state — where my body stays in the parasympathetic nervous system and allows healing to occur.

Relax and be stress free.

Deep gratitude to the people I know who have talked openly about their health and ways they have been battling their own diseases. I am inspired each and everyday with the warriors that walk amongst us. Many people are dealing with things that we could never imagine, I’m reminded of the saying, “never judge someone until you walk a day in their shoes.” I respect and look up to you all fighting your silent battles and want you to know I am here to talk to if you ever need a friendly ear to listen.

In health and happiness,

Jessica xoxo

Photo Credit: Altamira Film Co – Cory Hammons