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Goodbye, Plastic.


Plastic is an incredible material. It’s used for surgeries, as prosthetics, and technology–however, when it comes to eating and drinking it should stay far away. In our house, we are making the transition from plastic (especially all of Sofia’s sippy cups) to either glass or food grade stainless steel.

Decades ago, all baby bottles were glass. The only trouble was that glass was heavy and breakable. Today, they offer a mix of the two, glass for where the drink will be and a plastic casing to prevent breakage. Check a few of my recommendations out here and for baby bottles here.

According to an article from the Mayo Clinic:

“recent reports  that a type of plastic found in baby bottles might cause potentially harmful changes in developing babies”

The article suggests that bacteria can also build up in plastic bottles and it’s not safe to store breast milk or formula in them. Keep in mind that this doesn’t just have to do with babies, this has to do with everyone.

Glass is better. Where plastics have caused cell mutation, glass has not. Unlike glass, when plastics age bacteria builds up. Plastics toxify your food or water with harmful chemicals in (think food storage containers!) while glass does not.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics put it simply, “GO WITH GLASS.”

Here’s my top 5 reasons for switching to glass:

  1. It’s the safest and healthiest option available
  2. One word: SUSTAINABLE
  3. It’s actually more economical because it lasts longer than plastic
  4. You can bake with glass, store and reheat without having to worry about harmful chemicals and throw it in the dishwasher (#winning)
  5. Glass Cleans better, unlike plastic which always has some form of residue


Interested in learning more? Check out a few more articles:

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Here’s to a healthy and happy you!


Summer Ayurvedic Tips

IMG_4542IMG_4867Summer is really freaking hot. And by no means am I saying I don’t like it. In fact, after growing up in Florida and now living in Virginia — I LOVE SUMMER. When the first day of summer rolls around I’m that girl tweeting “HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!”

End of August and early September starts to mark the end of the summer for the north, however, Florida and other places blaze with heat through many of the “fall” months. I wanted to share a post with you on how to stay cool during the summer, the Ayurvedic way.

How to beat the “pitta” aka firey heat outta summer

  1. Stay Hydrated!!! 
    • We lose SO MUCH water during summer. See post on water here.
    • Drink ROOM TEMPERATURE WATER. No ice. Why? Think of your digestion and metabolism as a fire. If you put cold water and ice in there you burn that fire out, therefore slowing down those digestive juices and adding to the fat in the body.
    • Add yummy cooling infusions to your water such as mint, watermelon or cucumber.
  2. Invest in a Diffuser
    • The one I use is ZAQ JellyFish (you can buy it here), shout out to Gia for this housewarming gift.
    • Then invest in an organic and safe essential oils company, I trust my oils to PureSpiritPotions – Let me know if you are interested in any of their products I know Jill as a friend! (Also, this wasn’t sponsored…!)
    • Then diffuse cooling essential oils singles or blends: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender… Pinterest actually has some great ideas for blends.
  3. Coconut Oil is for LITERALLY, everything. 
    • Lather that oily goodness all over your body all. the. time.
    • Our hair tends to get extra brittle because of the heat, and sun exposure so massage in your hair and either a, sleep over night wake up and wash your hair for a deep treatment or b, put it on your hair for 10-20 minutes before you shower and wrap a damp and hot towel around it to allow the oil to saturate the hair.
    • It’s a great makeup remover, lip balm, moisturizer, natural sun protectant (although very minimal), etc etc etc…
    • Use it for cooking! It’s amazing and one of the best oils to use with high heat cooking.
  4. Meditate, Relax, close your eyes
    • It’s so important to do stuff that cools us and allows the cells in our body to chill. Savasana (shah-VAH-sah-nah) aka Corpse pose is one of the best ones. I literally do yoga sometimes just for the Savasana. Also, there is a shirt that says that somewhere and if someone finds it please let me know because I’ve coveted it for a while 😉 lol thanks! All you have to do is literally lay there. I mean, in yoga we teach form on how to lay there with your palms up and your feet out at a certain distance etc, but you can do whatever feels most comfortable with you.
  5. Don’t Overexercise!
    • Especially during, summer. I used to be an overexerciser (yeah I made up a word). But it’s important to take it easy during summer.
  6. Eat Foods that cool you (ANTI-INFLAMMATORY) 
    • LifeSpa has an amazing grocery list here.


So that’s it. Hope that helps you stay cool!

Here’s to a healthy and happy you.


You drink, I drink, we drink.


Our bodies are about 60% water. We are so freaking dehydrated, yet we don’t even know it. We often mistake dehydration for hunger. By the time we feel “thirsty” we are already very dehydrated. Our cells NEED water. You can tell when someone is hydrated, their skin is vibrant and glowing. For about 2 years now I have been waking up and drinking 1.5-2 liters of water just in the morning (Yes I peed a lot at first but then my body got used to it!)

When we sleep our body goes through a process of detoxing the junk we absorb from our air, food, skin, etc. The first thing you should do in the morning is scrape your tongue with a stainless steel tongue scraper (look our for this post soon!) THEN drink water. Even better, drink alkaline water because according to several scientific theories, disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment. Yet, most of our bodies especially here in the states are so flipping acidic–it’s crazy. From our sugar consumption (the highest it’s ever been), to the GMO’s in our food, pesticides, carbonated soda, meat…I could go on and on…

Did you know that Lemon Juice alkalizes our body?

I buy the organic cold pressed jars from Amazon, click here to check it out.

I thought it would make sense to include a chart of alkalinity, although I will save my detailed thoughts on that for another post 🙂

Check out this post from Mind Body Green 


My challenge for you is to start taking a water bottle with you wherever you go and sip on it throughout the day. See how many times you can fill it up throughout the day.

These bottles on Amazon are stylish and stainless steel (better than plastic!), check them out here.

Here’s to a happy and healthy you!


Goodbye, coffee.


I used to be a Starbucks loving, coffee guzzling, 2-3 cups a day kind of girl. Then I got pregnant. Gave up coffee cold turkey (OMG…). I wish I could say I didn’t beg Kiril to buy this mug for me at TJ Maxx–not just because it would glorify me as the #1 mom in the world–but because it is the size of a bowl. This mug is MASSIVE.

I have become a tea addict. Not just any tea, though. 2 years ago a friend informed me that tea leaves have tons of traces of pesticides and when they go into the hot water they infuse and that is just a whole lot of nasty I’m trying to avoid (same with coffee beans, peeps). So I drink Organic Black Tea (buy it here). Okay okay, black tea is still not that great for you. I hear you all going, “oh the horror, so much caffeine, why not a white or a green tea?”

Well that’s because those teas are not my lightning bolt waking me up in the morning and powering through my day of 3 jobs a toddler, a dog, a house and a husband! And still, tea has loads less caffeine compared to coffee. Check this out…

According to The Mayo Clinic:


Type of coffee Size* Caffeine✝
Adapted from Journal of Food Science, 2010; Pediatrics, 2011; USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 26; Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 2006; Starbucks, 2014; Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2014; Keurig, 2014

*Sizes are listed in fluid ounces (oz.) and milliliters (mL).

✝Caffeine is listed in milligrams (mg).

Brewed 8 oz. (237 mL) 95-200 mg
Brewed, decaffeinated 8 oz. (237 mL) 2-12 mg
Brewed, single-serve varieties 8 oz. (237 mL) 75-150 mg
Brewed, single-serve varieties, decaffeniated 8 oz. (237 mL) 2-4 mg
Espresso, restaurant-style 1 oz. (30 mL) 47-75 mg
Espresso, restaurant-style, decaffeinated 1 oz. (30 mL) 0-15 mg
Instant 8 oz. (237 mL) 27-173 mg
Instant, decaffeinated 8 oz. (237 mL) 2-12 mg
Specialty drink (latte or mocha) 8 oz. (237 mL) 63-175 mg


Type of tea Size* Caffeine✝
Adapted from Journal of Food Science, 2010; Pediatrics, 2011; Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 2008; USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 26; Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 2006; Starbucks, 2014; Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2014

*Sizes are listed in fluid ounces (oz.) and milliliters (mL).

✝Caffeine is listed in milligrams (mg).

See full article here.

I used to think Espresso had the most caffeine but I was WRONG.  I encourage you to swap some of your coffee’s this week with an organic tea. I sweeten mine with Maple Syrup (omg, what?). I will post about the deliciousness of Maple Syrup someday…

Here’s to a happy and healthy you!


Ayurveda (wth is that?)


One short blog post cannot even touch the surface of the complexities that is Ayurveda (ah-yer-vey-duh). However, it will begin to, at least lay the foundation to the wonderful “life science” (ayur- life, veda- science) that this ancient healing medicine is. Ayurvedic medicine is 5,000 years old and comes from the ancient India text called the “Vedas” (Chopra Center). The roots of eastern medicine come from Ayurveda. 

According to the Chopra Institute:

“More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life. It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vital while realizing their full human potential. Providing guidelines on ideal daily and seasonal routines, diet, behavior and the proper use of our senses, Ayurveda reminds us that health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit.” Read this article here.

Ayurveda considers the human body unique for each person and a mixture of three different doshas “energies” called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  Click here to take the quiz and determine which ones you are.

Then you determine a lifestyle based on your dominant doshas. From there, Ayurveda guides you to the foods you should eat on a seasonal basis. There are also other self love approaches that don’t deal with food but rather what we put on our body and the stress of our daily lives (both of which affect our health tremendously).

Therefore, Ayurveda is a life science, a lifestyle approach that fosters a healthy, happy life throughout your years here on planet earth.

My posts will have some recipes and disciplines stemming from Ayurveda with a mix of my own ideas, too. Feel free to take what you want.

Here’s to a happy and healthy you.


First post *holla*

Well, I started blogging once again. It was a hobby of mine to do this during college and now that I am a mom I often get asked about what I eat and do to stay healthy… so I thought I would attempt to document everything and write about it. Thrilling for me because I love writing and often dream of being a writer some day.

Hope you like it. Here’s to a happy and healthy you.