Today is the launch of something I have been dreaming about for a while. To be perfectly honest, podcasts were never really my thing. For a while, they reminded me of talk radio – they still do, sometimes – and I never really envisioned myself as a talk radio person. I grew up listening to talk radio in the car with my parents — mostly politics. Needless to say, not my cup of tea.

This all changed for me when I listened to NPR’s “How I built this” which interviews the founders of companies all over the world to learn how they became successful and the challenges they faced along the way.


As an entrepreneur for the past 5 years, and owner of two businesses, I felt inspired and motivated to dream like I never have before.

I started listening to the Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis, author of “Girl, Wash Your Face” and felt deeply aligned with her mission of creating a business podcast for women especially, in a male dominated realm. Not just the usual questions women CEOs are asked like, “how do you balance it all?” “how has motherhood affected your career?” — it is a rare occasion that a male CEO is asked, “how do you balance making it to little league games and running this company?” However, I am a mom. I am a daughter. I am a wife. These themes flow throughout my work. I am not going to pretend like I have got it all figured out, because no one does. We are constantly working at finding the balance, but that is where community comes together and lifts you up and helps you keep going. I am here to build this community.

Women owned businesses are growing at a rate of around 2.8% according to the Census Bureau. There’s a shift happening. Can you feel it?

A common misconception is that you have to KNOW something or be VERY GOOD at something to start a business. Like, you need to go to school for that “thing” and only THEN you can be your own boss. In this day and age we are living in informational overload. If you have access to google or youtube, you can learn just about anything. I mean, that’s how I learned how to do a podcast…I wasn’t born with this knowledge! I also started a successful wedding planning and design business with zero certificates, zero college courses on event planning. I just had faith in myself that I could do it. And I prove it every single day.

If I told you about my BIG dreams, the ones I tell myself every day, envision myself already doing, you might laugh. And that’s okay. They aren’t meant for anyone else but me. But, I didn’t think twice when I quit my corporate job to start a business in 2014 (I was pregnant with my first at the time, too!) I didn’t think twice about starting another new business in 2017. Thoughts can get in the way of you just leaping.

IT DOESN’T MEAN IT IS EASY. Don’t let that fool you. It doesn’t mean I don’t have second thoughts some days or stress myself out. But I have learned to manage that the best way I can and keep on keeping on. Because, the key really is to just keep going. Don’t give up. If you keep at something for long enough, you will eventually get there. I call this the “Edison” concept. You might fail over and over again, but you just keep going and you will strike “gold.”

This podcast is here to give weekly tangible advice and tips on how to thrive in your “HEART WORK” –your passion, your drive, the thing that fills you up and the tools you need to take the dream and make it a reality. Also, the things I use throughout the day — this might be concepts I learned from practicing, teaching, and being a student of yoga for over a decade. Tips I have learned from other entrepreneurs, moms, creators, writers and more. Lessons I have learned from overcoming cancer and disease.

If you are here, you are already one step closer. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening.

Let’s maximize the joy in our lives and build something you believe in.

Here’s a link to listen! Please subscribe! Thank you! Later today you will be able to listen via Spotify and iTunes!

episode one!